It provides immediate energy, excellent nutritions,
and vitamins to brighten up your mind and body. 

Vitamin Water

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Vitamin Water

Vitamin Water

  • Blueberry


  • Lemon


  • Orange


  • Pomegranate


Vitamin Water

While other vitamin beverages out in the market are bottled in a regular plastic bottle, The Vitamin water has a separate compartment which the vitamins are stored out of light and heat.
Regular bottles aren’t light or heat proof and when exposed to these environments vitamins oxide.
Thus uniqueness of h2o is the implementation of the “Smart Cap”.
Not only it protects vitamin from oxidizing but also has coolness factor when opened.
NO sugar and LOW calorie, but preserving a great taste.
We thought about every aspect of which customers can fully enjoy.

Flavor : Blueberry. Orange. Lemon. Pomegranate
Packing : 370ml x 24 pets/CT, 1,500 CT/20ft container