It provides immediate energy, excellent nutritions,
and vitamins to brighten up your mind and body. 

Aloe drink

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Aloe drink

Aloe drink

  • Original


  • Pineapple


Aloe drink

Improve blood circulation, prevents coronary heart disease, relieves gastrointestinal problems, works as an antioxidant, aids in digestion, aids in kidney and liver functions, prevent hair loss, constipation and unpleasant breath, fatigue recovery, weight loss, the strengthening of joints and cancer fighting, improve the immune system function, promote skin health, and protect the cardiovascular system

Flavor : Cans - Original,Blueberry,Apple,Grape
Pets - Original,Mango,Pineapple

Packing : 240ml x 24 cans/CT, 2,800 CT / 20ft container
500ml x 20 pets/CT 1,600 CT/20ft container
1,500ml x 12 pets/CT 850 CT/20ft container

Shelf Life : 2 years